Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Reform Party Jafri Basron - Hardcore Opposition. But turns to PAP MP for Help

Jafri Basron is your typical hardcore opposition supporter. Everything the Government or PAP does or says is wrong in his opinion. Jafri is also not shy to tell the world.

Ironically, when it comes time to get help, instead of turning to Kenneth Jeyaretnam and his Reform Party, Jafri Basron turns to his PAP MP Amrin Amin. This was reported by Red Wire Times in which Jafri went to Amrin Amin's Meet-the-People Session and asked for help.

Claiming that he needed money to go for a job interview as a security guard, despite knowing who Jafri Basron was, Amrin proceeded to give Jafri an EZ-Link card to make the trip for his interview. Amrin even took the extra effort to call the hiring company to ask that they consider Jafri favorably.

Shockingly, when Amrin called the company, he was told that there was no such interview. When Amrin attempted to call Jafri at the mobile number he provided, it was a fictitious number.

Singaporeans, you be the judge. Is this the type of opposition members you want in Parliament?

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