Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Two Faces of Mrs Lee Suet Fern

The Two Faces of Mrs Lee Suet Fern ....

lee suet fern qflp

Qualifying Foreign Law Practice (QFLP)

What Lee Suet Fern said: "What are the challenges to the Singaporean firms, and the Singapore lawyer? You know, you hear of this phrase, “barbarians at the gate”? I actually don’t think they are at the gate, they are right inside, in the bedroom as well.”

Reality .... Lee Suet Fern's own firm is in a tie-up with a foreign firm. She herself has let them “in[to] the bedroom”?

What Lee Suet Fern said; "I suppose at Stamford, that’s what we did, when we did our deal with Morgan Lewis. It was an attempt … to play on a global plain … without just being a slave at some QFLP.”

So she wanted a QFLP so that she could be a slave?

What Lee Suet Fern said: “… one of the challenges with the QFLPs is … where do you go, as a career? Many Singapore lawyers I know who have joined the QFLP have … realised that unless perhaps you are Ox-Bridge, or Harvard or Yale, they don’t know how to recognise the quality of a Singapore lawyer.”

But .... Suet Fern's own firm is full of Singapore lawyers. So either (i) she didn’t care what happened to them, when she asked for the QFLP, or (ii) she is now being sour, because she couldn’t get the QFLP.

What Lee Suet Fern said: "What we did was very, very transformative. When we did this, many of the QFLPs … complained and said: ‘You didn’t tell us this was an available option to us, or we would have thought differently."

But .... Really, the only reason why she used this structure was because she couldn’t get the QFLPs.

Lee Suet Fern is probably why people say you cannot trust a lawyer.

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