Saturday, 16 January 2016

WP Lee Li Lian Snubs NCMP Seat

Of Duty to Country vs Personal Gratification

Lee Li Lian NCMP child motherhood

So it is confirmed. Lee Li Lian has vacated her NCMP seat.

When asked, she posted a photo of her swimming (supposedly in a condo) with her cute baby in her FB and said: “… I understand that the procedure is for me to be absent twice before a Motion can be moved to have someone take up my place … Catching up on family time in a serious way! Have an awesome weekend.”

Noble thing for any normal mum to do. But she is not normal. She carried the hopes of more than 15K voters who voted for her, and was given a chance to represent them as NCMP so that their voices can be heard. She dropped them like a bomb.

She is not the only young mum in Parliament.

Tin Pei Ling just gave birth. She continued to work hard pre-GE, during GE and post-GE.

tin pei Ling motherhood

Sun Xue Lin has a daughter. She spent whatever time she has with her before attending Parliament. Not to mention Ms Sim Ann has three young children and she continues to pound her estates aggressively (as seen in her FB post).

There is choice here for women, a difficult choice. Ironically, as Sylvia Lim aptly said in her FB yesterday evening: “Women for Good! There are still not enough women in Singapore politics. As mothers,  daughters, wives and as equal citizens, our contribution is vital to Singapore’s well-being.”

Li Lian got an opportunity, but she dropped it as quickly as she lost the GE. It is as if she wanted to lose and then gave “noble” excuses about the NCMP scheme. That is crap. If she did not want to serve, then don’t run. When you run, you are responsible to your voters. Worst, she vacate her seat and gave the opportunity to lesser men (in terms of vote shares) in her Party.

Sylvia Lim wp

Maybe the truth is, after 5 years of MP allowance and doing nothing much, she now have enough money to tide over the next five years. We may see Li Lian again 5 years later when her money runs out and the MP allowance will be useful again.

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