Sunday, 17 January 2016

Why The Reform Party is a Joke ... to be blunt!

Why The Reform Party is a Joke!

Since his outburst at the Singapore General Elections 2015, Kenneth Jeyaretnam has been busy attacking Singaporeans as well as the Government every chance he gets. In his famous post-GE comments to the media, Kenneth called Singaporeans cowards for not having the courage to vote for him. Kenneth was recorded as saying “What I see are similar margins in North Korea and China, it’s just like the Chinese Communist Party. And I guess Singaporeans get the government they deserve, so I don’t want to hear any more complaints.”

In his most recent post on The Reform Party’s Facebook page, Kenneth Jeyaretnam continues his illogical attacks on the Government and its policies. This time, Kenneth took issue with the use of the character “Yuan” in our schools’ Chinese textbooks. According to Kenneth, our Chinese textbooks should use “dollars” instead of “Yuan”.

reform party fails

This is where we say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. If Kenneth had made an effort to even Google the word Yuan, he would have found out that Yuan actually means dollars and is not exclusively used for the China currency which, incidentally, is known as the Reminbi. Perhaps Kenneth is so blinded with rage that he sees conspiracies and wrongs in everything. Not surprising, the States Time Review, helmed by Alex Tan carried Kenneth Jeyaretnam story.

On a side note, we are happy that more Singaporeans are beginning to see through the lies that Kenneth Jeyaretnam and Alex Tan perpetuates. Kenneth’s continued outbursts only further discredit him.

We sometimes wonder why Kenneth cannot be more like his brother Philip Jeyaretnam who serves the Government of the day and who was even appointed to the Public Service Commission by the President.

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