Friday, 3 June 2016

Cooling Off Day - Roy Ngerng and Teo Soh Lung testing the system

Testing Fate on Cooling Day
roy ngerng teo soh lung cooling off day arrest

The Independent Singapore ‪#‎TISG‬, ‪#‎royngerg‬ and ‪#‎teosohlung‬ were all courting disaster, to put it in simple terms.
Alternate sites and noises online are trying to divert netizens' attention from the crux of the issue, which is "Why did they make election advertising posting on Cooling Day?"

The police raided the house, took my laptop, phone blah blah blah is just a distraction.
2 points we want to state here on ‪#‎onwardsingapore‬
Firstly, the system is fair.
In 2001, ‪#‎nicoleseah‬ made a Facebook post on Polling Day. Investigations found that the posting was made by a party volunteer, the explanation was acceped and no further action was taken against her.
Secondly, TISG, Ngerg and Teo acted deliberately.
Assistant Returning Officer(AGO) specifically reminded TISG not to post any election advertising. As for Teo and Ngerg, they regularly engage in promotion and discussion of political issues. Being social media gurus, they ought to know that the content they post are related to election advertising.
There is no abuse of power. All parties involved have been acting against their judgement, wanting to throw their weight behind Chee Soon Juan.
This is an obvious case of blantant disregard to the regulations and now is the time to face the music. If in doubt, they should not have posted anything. Suck it up.

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