Friday, 5 February 2016

WP Misses Court Deadline to Appoint Accountant

The Workers' Party (WP) of Singapore is once again up to their old tricks. Since failing in their appeal in the High Court, the WP was given until yesterday (5 February 2016) to appoint one of the Big 4 accounting firm as their independent auditor.

WP contempt of court

When the deadline came, instead of appointing an auditor, the WP has filed a motion to request for an extension of time. To be honest, this was not unexpected as the WP desperately tries to prevent Singaporeans from knowing the truth about the Town Council financial accounts. By all estimates, money has mostly likely been misappropriated.

We seriously hope the Court will act to find the WP in contempt of their orders. This game of delay has gone on for long enough and Singaporeans have been patient. But enough is enough and we want to know the truth.

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