Monday, 14 December 2015

The Workers Party Manifesto

The Workers' Party (WP) manifesto constantly espouses the need for the ruling government to be transparent and accountable to Singaporeans. Unfortunately, to the WP, the concept of transparency and accountability only applies to the Government and not themselves. 

Workers party daniel goh

One only needs to look at the way the WP and its members behave to know the values that they hold. For example, on the WP Facebook page, the WP openly states that they will delete any posts that violates their principles of being rational, responsible and respectful. However, when a WP supporter violates their stated principles, Daniel Goh does not follow his own rules. These double standards extend beyond this Facebook example to the now infamous statement by Pritam Singh where he says he will not answer to Parliament.

Singaporeans need to assess for themselves the character of opposition members like Pritam Singh and Daniel Goh. They say that if I can't even trust you with the small things, how can I trust you with the big things. A Manifesto should not only be words on a piece of paper. It should be a document whose principles and values you live by.

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