Sunday, 29 November 2015

Workers Party of Singapore - Bernard Chen Misleads Singaporeans

Since suffering a crushing defeat at the 11 September 2015 General Elections, the Workers' Party of Singapore (WP) has re-looked their strategy. One weakness that they could not overcome during GE2015 was their lack of presence in the area they contested. Voters saw them as opportunists who only showed up a few months before the GE while, in contrast, the PAP was working the ground since day 1.

In an apparent effort to portray that he was "working the ground", WP candidate for MacPherson Bernard Chen took to social media. Bernard Chen was however less than truthful and posted an old photo of himself visiting the Geylang East Home for the Aged on his Facebook. To a casual observer, one would have assumed that he had visited the home recently. 

wp bernard chen misleads sinagporeans

Unfortunately for Bernard Chen, his ruse was called out by the home themselves. They posted a comment stating that it was an old photo taken before the GE and that the home has not seen his since that brief visit my him.

wp bernard chen lies

One might call this a simple mistake on the part of Bernard Chen. However, the way the post was crafted and the timing of it hints at a more deceitful intent. We wonder whether a WP candidate who can be so deceitful over something so simple, can be entrusted to be honest with the lives of Singaporeans.

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